Direct Response

About Direct Response Call Centers – DRTV

Direct Response Marketing (Television and Radio) has been a foundation of the contact center subcontracting industry since the 1970’s. Direct Response Marketing is the primary contact with your customer. There is need to have the best experts that can offer excellent services. Radio Response or DRTV are naturally very hard to operate in an in-house contact center. The volume variations are regularly so severe that the only alternative is to subcontract to a large or mid-size call center with several other customers which will assist to stabilize the volume curve.

More-Than-Call-Center has been part of this business for nearly 20 years, and we have relations with the top DRTV contact centers for both domestic and international that can handle your client support, order taking, or sales activity. Whether you receive 50 calls, 10 calls, 500 calls, or more than 5000 calls per commercial, our team can handle all of them.

Picking the first class call center

Don’t just choose any call center. Aim to get quality services from specialized call agents. Our experienced specialists offer services that leave your customers pleased and satisfied. Get in touch with our experts to get a free quote and allow our consultant to handle everything. We are here at your service. We will analyze the problems you face and offer first-hand solutions. Your searching is aimed at bringing you the contact centers with an excellent combination of areas, skill, size, and cost of your sales and capacity availability. It will also be targeted at bringing you customer support submissions, and order taking.

Global Locations

Our global locations include the following: the United States, Canada, Asia, the Philippines, South Africa, Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East.
Do you need to outsource today? We are your first class source to subcontract your Direct Response Campaign to Call Centers in the UK, US, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin American. Need a free consultation? Don’t hesitate to request for one. We are the best of the best. Get the best of your business from Direct Response call centers experts that specialize in lead generation, inbound sales, appointment setting, and much more.

For more information, we are just a call away. Contact or call us today for the service that you can trust. Get the best Direct Response Marketing agents and boost your business today.